Video of the Oracle webinar with as panelist

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On Thursday October 21, 2021; was invited as part of the three start-ups in the webinar hosted by Oracle : Meet the start-ups in Construction and Engineering. 

Panel included:

@Burak Acilan, CEO ConcR (Timestamp 09:08) Solution: Using our wireless IoT concrete monitoring devices, we provide Monitoring as a Service to our customers. ConcR’s IoT-enabled devices are embedded in the concrete as it is poured. The sensors provide real-time data about the quality of the production starting with the concrete’s temperature and strength.

@Hassan Albalawi, CEO WakeCap (Timestamp 23:25) Solution: WakeCap is an IoT-based solution to improve productivity and safety on Construction and Oil and Gas sites by enabling real-time, field reporting via sensors integrated into existing personal safety equipment.

@Milie Taing, CEO (Timestamp 41:49) Solution: Important project insights are buried in continuous textual streams (emails, pdf, word, xls, scans, etc). At, we help project, risk and contract teams gain an unprecedented holistic understanding of their projects analyzing text. By searching and monitoring those textual streams, Lili enables active risk monitoring and AI-based litigation support.

@Frank Malangone, Senior executive within Oracle’s Construction and Engineering Global Business Unit

Video is here

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