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[PAW 2021] Day 2, hosted a webinar “How #ArtificialIntelligence will Reshape the Value Chain of #ConstructionDisputes”. The session was moderated by @Damien Briguet and the panel was composed of : @Sandrine Coste @Yann Schneller @Pierre Gardeux @Thierry Rolland @Guillaume Sauvaget and @Milie Taing

The session was structured around three main themes: first, opportunities, known risks & readiness for implementation; and personal thoughts for tomorrow.

#Opportunity: The panel agreed that, for the foreseeable future, it is unlikely that the machine will replace the human in investigations or judgments, at least until the day when the human agrees to be judged by a machine. However, the ability of the machine to read and remember gigabytes of data can immediately augment the work capabilities of humans to provide faster and more accurate results/judgments in the time available.

#Known risks and readiness: AI isn’t magic, but it does make it possible to be more efficient by eliminating some repetitive tasks. Creating an environment of trust with the project team and other stakeholders in the value chain is fundamental to ensuring data access and quality. Several risks were identified by the panelists, but none were as significant as the risk of not getting started with the AI (to learn how to mitigate these risks). Ready or not, the great AI race is on and the first results are starting to show for those who have it.

#Tomorrow: In the future, when AI will be widely used, we can expect fewer and shorter disputes due to easier data collection and increased on-the-fly monitoring. AI will also help in early dispute avoidance by detecting issues before they become too big to solve. Twenty years ago few projects had contract managers because they were too expensive, but now they are everywhere. Similarly, the use of AI in construction disputes seems unquestionable in the next 10 to 20 years.

[PAW 2021] Day 5, hosted an in-person Discussion event to continue the discussion of the webinar “How #ArtificialIntelligence will Reshape the Value Chain of #ConstructionDisputes”. The session was moderated by @Milie Taing and the panel was composed of : @Sandrine Coste@Guillaume Sauvaget. The event took place at the most innovative place in Paris: Agoranov, which is the birth place of many of the French licornes.

It was an unique opportunity to speak with experts, and also have live demonstrations of AI with@Floriane LeFloch.

About our panelists:

Sandrine Coste – Partner & Founder at Lynkea

Yann Schneller – Partner at Cartier Meyniel Schneller, a dispute resolution boutique firm based in Paris

Pierre Gardeux – Chief Digital Officer at NGE

Thierry Rolland – Director of control of EDF major nuclear projects

Guillaume Sauvaget – Partner at PS Consulting

Milie Taing – CEO at

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