Artificial Intelligence
reinvents the management of major projects

Because the success of any company relies on its ability to deliver projects and to learn from its data

Project teams are saturated with data

- Monitor weak signals for early problem resolution
- Identify robust evidence when documenting claims

What can do for you?

Advanced learning

Lili enables Contract and Project Specialists to monitor project documentation exhaustively and incomparably faster in order to alert the project team about alarming trends.

- Which activity is often mentioned with delay?
- Is there new subjects of tension?

Claim Preparation

Lili guides Claim Specialists in discovering and documenting exhaustively and incommensurably faster the facts that will back-up a robust claim memorandum. 

- Searching by meaning vs. spelling
- Automatic Document classification
- Automatic timelines
- Private / public bookmark organization

They Believe In Us

AI is more than ever before a reality, let's talk about how it can help you secure the delivery of your projects