Use Cases

Use case

Preventive use case​

Detect delay on milestone months ahead Context: A highly technical construction project of more than 300 million Euros (several subcontractors involved). One of the major

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Use case

Curative use case

Build strong and documented claims Objective: Our client, a contract manager for a large French construction company, was preparing a memorandum of claim for a

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What is special about

Documents’s exclusive technology transforms documents in pdf (even unsearchable), doc, xls, ppt, eml, pst, zip, etc. into a centralized and searchable knowledge graph. The more words, the better. 


Lili allows you to drill your written documents in a unique and efficient way thanks to our exclusive algorithms trained on the project’s vocabulary: fuzzy spelling search, exclusive pre-trained concepts classifiers and pre-trained document sorting classifiers.


Once a problem is identified, you can choose to be alerted the next time a similar issue appears in your written documentation. With Lili, all your efforts are capitalized from project to project.

Immediate ROI

No need to change your data. We use the data as you have it now and provide ROI under one week (empowering claims)

No change of habits

Project teams continue to work the way they do, and we extract value from the data created. Lili works with many formats you are using: doc, ppt, xls, pst, eml, msg, pdf, zip, and more


Detect new trends in real time and be alerted to pre-identified risks as they are mentioned/concentrated in the project data. Save valuable time and let the support team become proactive.

Privacy and Security

We have spent years business and IT environment in which project teams now feel comfortable sharing their data. Feel free to reach out if you have questions

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