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Our client, a contract manager for a large French construction company, was preparing a memorandum of claim for a few million dollars. 

It should be noted that he had little knowledge on this project (20 million+ euros budget; 4+ years) since he has not worked on it. Before coming to us, he had gathered facts and documents from his project team, and had reviewed all project progress reports, contract documents and correspondence. He was already in the final phase of writting his claim memorandum.

He had heard about Lili and wanted to test the technology. He gathered 10 GB of data, which was provided to us on a secured hard drive.

Within a few clicks, he was able to cross-check the facts reported to him by the project team, add precise dates and quotes. Most importantly, Lili helped him identify unique information in the 9 GB of emails that had been left out because of their large quantity.

“Lili has changed my way of working. The time required for my onboarding has drastically reduced. Also, I am now able to ask precise questions at the first encounter with the project team making everyone save time and building precious confidence to speed up the claim process. What I like about Lili is not just the speed at which we find insights, it is mostly about the exhaustivity of the results.”

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