When algorithms replace humans, what is at stake?

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When algorithms replace humans, what is at stake? 

Véronique Steyer, Associate Professor in Innovation Management at École Polytechnique (IP Paris) and Milie Taing, Founder and CEO of Lili.ai

Key takeaways

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly involved in our daily decisions but raises practical and ethical issues.
  • A distinction must be made between the notion of interpretability of AI (its functioning) and the notion of accountability (the degree of responsibility of the creator/user).
  • A draft European regulation should lead in 2023 to a classification of AIs according to different levels of risk.
  • AI can free humans from time-consuming and repetitive tasks and allow them to focus on more important tasks.
  • It is in France’s interest to invest in this type of AI for very large projects because it has access to colossal amounts of data to process.

Link: https://www.polytechnique-insights.com/en/columns/digital/when-algorithms-replace-humans-what-is-at-stake/

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